Kimiko Kim

A cute and ladylike girl who's skilled with a variety of instruments. Has a rather unfortunate addiction to gacha games. Can be very unhinged if you push the wrong buttons.

Personality, Interests, and Quirks

At first Kimiko seems like your typical ojou-sama archetype - rich girl laugh, absurdly formal mannerisms, and an air of being above it all. But the closer you get to her, the closer you get to the realization that actually she's quirky in a whole lot of other ways. She's addicted to gacha games, exclusively attracted to idiot jock girls, collector of plushies, great at guitar (among other instruments), and left-handed.

She's in a band called Trichromantic, filling in as bassist after Ariya's sudden disappearance. She also works part-time as a model.


Kimiko has long, straight cyan hair that reaches her waist. It's the only thing straight about her, really. Her eyes are blue.


She's unhinged because her brother's an asshole and her parents are not only cringe successful capitalist businesspeople, but also involved in weird-ass cult shit. Ruh roh!



  • Justice Clapham - her childhood friend and fiancĂ© due to an arranged marriage (TLDR their parents both own very big businesses that work together a lot and also their moms thought it'd be cute).
  • Cassandra Chevalier - the idiot jock girl she has a crush on.
  • Kyoko Mikami - one of her bandmates.
  • Ai Hayashi - one of her bandmates.
  • Ariya Omar - the former bassist and producer of the band.
  • Kat Hayashi - the band's new producer.


  • Naomi Kim - her mother. Their relationship is strained at best for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: financial crimes, cult shenanigans, sibling favoritism, and the whole arranged marriage thing.
  • Chris Kim - her older brother. She hates him on account of the fact that he is the actual worst.
  • Josh Kim - her father. Cringe and unbased sexist.


  • Her MBTI is ENTP. Her enneagram subtype is 7w6.