Guy who really wants people to think he's very smart and cool. Also wants his dad to be proud of him (never gonna happen). He'd never admit it, but his favorite food is chicken nuggets.

Personality, Quirks, and Interests

On the surface, Dante appears to be confident. Put-together. Very respectable. Not completely terrible fashion sense. Loves the spotlight. But deep down he's extremely childish! His favorite food is chicken nuggets and he wishes he had a racecar bed. Not that he'd ever admit it.

Currently, he's part of an idol unit. Normally he sucks at everything, but after years of hard work (and torment, courtesy of his father) he's gotten pretty good at singing, dancing, and even piano - all the essentials for the perfect ultra-marketable idol boy, fine-tuned for marketable plushies. He's a bit of a perfectionist, and responds to all of his fanmail without fail.

He'll cry and become completely useless if you call him Dumbte. But if you do it three times in a row, he gets rejuvenated by the power of spite.


Dante has purple hair, blue eyes, and glasses. Has a mole. He dresses like a wannabe tumblr sexyman.


His mom died in childbirth and his dad's a dick about it. Sucks to be him lol



  • Owen - his ex and former bandmate. He misses him.
  • Chris Kim - one of his bandmates. Dante feels intimidated by him.
  • Silver Economy - one of his bandmates. They get along well, as they have similar mindsets to performing.
  • Kai Chevalier - one of his bandmates. Dante envies him due to his natural talent, and resents him for his unserious attitude about it.
  • Nico Cayetano - one of his bandmates, specifically Owen's replacement. Dante's rooting for him, as his lack of talent gives them common ground.


  • Daxius - his father. Dante wants to make him proud, but he will never succeed in this quest. Unfortunate!
  • Andromeda - dead mom.
  • Belladonna - his aunt. She's nice!
  • Byron - one of his cousins.
  • Devin - one of his cousins.


  • His MBTI is ENFJ. His enneagram subtype is 2w3.