Chris Kim

A terrible guy with really good PR.

Personality, Interests, and Quirks

On the surface, Chris seems affable. But dig a little deeper and you'll find that he's actually selfish, controlling, and a total asshole. Unfortunately for everyone else, he's rich, very talented in the "idol stuff" department, and he's attractive enough to have legions of stans to exploit. Bummer!

Some of his favorite pasttimes (besides flexing the aforementioned "qualities") include trolling his "friends", flirting with redheads (or redhead-adjacents), and being generally obnoxious.


Chris has green eyes and cyan hair styled like a mullet.





  • Owen - his former bandmate. Chris was really into mocking him for his poor health.
  • Dante - one of his bandmates. Chris likes how impressionable he is.
  • Silver Economy - one of his bandmates. Chris tried to mock his height, but Silver is immune to the napoleon complex. Chris is still trying to think of a new mockable quality.
  • Kai Chevalier - one of his bandmates.
  • Nico Cayetano - one of his bandmates.


  • Josh Kim - his father.
  • Naomi Kim - his mother.
  • Kimiko Kim - his younger sister.

Enemies, I guess

  • Ai Hayashi - his ex-girlfriend. He's still obsessed.


  • His MBTI is ENTJ. His enneagram subtype is 8w7.