Justice Clapham

Rich boy who hates capitalism. Heir to one of the largest corporations in the world. Likes BreadTube, donating large sums of money to charitable organizations, and playing guitar. Their dad thinks it's just a phase.

Personality, Interests, and Quirks

Justice is very stubborn, quick to anger, and kind of a pretentious smartass. That being said, they're a Certified Good Boy and he really just wants to help people at the end of the day.

In-between volunteer stuff, making video essays, and occasionally doomposting on Twitter when the seasonal depression kicks in, they're in a band. It's called Justice and the Disaster Gays because his gay-ass friends thought it was funny.

Despite one of their favorite pasttimes being bullying economists, he's very good at capitalism. And math. They're aware of the irony and he hates it, thanks!


Justice has short, bright red (maybe 1% orange) hair in slightly messy anime boy default settings. Their eyes are blue but his pupils are like a cat's because that's neat. He's White™. They also have ear piercings, a tongue piercing, and painted nails (he prefers black nail polish). Their teeth are very sharp - all the better to eat the 0.01% with, after all.

Most of his outfits consist largely of the color black. They're a cringe emo boy, after all. He's silly.


Ever since Justice was just a little guy, they were raised to Manipulate Mansplain Manwhore and Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss. Or in normal words, to become the ultimate business guy. Unfortunately when he was, like, 10, shenanigans ensued and through a combination of a Prince and the Pauper-esque incident and unrestricted access to the internet, they got on the path to becoming an insufferable terminally online leftist with pronouns. Oops.



  • Alexavier LeFromage - one of Justice's bandmates. Also his boyfriend. Gay lmao
  • Cassandra Chevalier - one of Justice's bandmates.
  • Kimiko Kim - his childhood friend and fiancée due to an arranged marriage (TLDR their parents both own very big businesses that work together a lot and also their moms thought it'd be cute).


  • Charles Clapham - his father. They don't get along.
  • Marzipan Clapham - his estranged older sister. She moved out to become an actress when he was 13-14, and they haven't spoken since. She sends them a birthday present every year, though.
  • Regina Clapham - his mother. They remember her fondly.


  • Their MBTI is INFJ. His enneagram subtype is 1w2.
  • Their favorite food is pizza. He also likes anything spicy.