Cassandra Chevalier

Cool girl with any pronouns swag. Her preferred method of transportation is hardcore parkour. Likes sports, cats, and bass.

Personality, Interests, and Quirks

Cass is easy-going, and radiates confidence. When she's not doing something mildly interesting, she's looking for something mildly interesting to do with her friends who she loves very much. Starting a band was her idea.

Despite her natural charisma and intuition, she's very dense when it comes to romance. I was gonna say she's the female equivalent of a himbo, but that's a different concept.

Sometimes she pretends to be a catgirl.


Cass has short black hair and pink eyes.






  • Karl Frank Chevalier - her father. She thinks he's the coolest.
  • Claire Chevalier - her mother. Learned bass from her.
  • Kai Chevalier - her older brother. Sometimes she teases him for being shorter than her, but she cares for him very much.


  • Her MBTI is ESTP. Her enneagram subtype is 7w8.
  • Her birthday is cat day.