Alexavier LeFromage

Nerdy dork with organized crime connections. Likes science, animals, and LARPing as a serial killer. Has a pet tarantula.

Personalty, Interests, and Quirks

Alexavier is quiet, withdrawn, and rarely smiles. His asocial nature combined with his spooky interests have resulted in him having a grand total of two (2) friends. He seems like he's scary and totally bad news at first, but once you get to know him he's actually pretty nice.

In-between band practice (he's the drummer!) and studying, he works part-time at a pet store. He likes animals more than people, you see. His tarantula's name is Betsy.

Sometimes he LARPs as a serial killer to scare people he doesn't like. It amuses him.


Alexavier has long, wavy blond hair which he usually keeps in a slightly messy ponytail. His eyes are a lovely shade of brown, almost bronze. He's white. He also has a mole on his neck, and his left ear is pierced. He wears rectangular glasses with black frames.

His fashion sense is very academia, because he's a nerd.


His dad's a mob boss and his mom's an assassin. When he was, like, 8 years old his dad faked his death and left the country. Lol. Lmao, even.



  • Justice Clapham - one of Alex's bandmates. Also his boyfriend.
  • Cassandra Chevalier - Alex's childhood bestie. Also one of his bandmates. She picked his name for him.


  • Colette LeFromage - Alex's mother. She taught him how to make a mean pizza.
  • Louis LeFromage - Alex's father. Alex hasn't seen him in years, on account of the whole "faked his death and left the country" thing.
  • Charlotte LeFromage - Alex's little sister.
  • Penny Economy - Alex's aunt.
  • Silver Economy - One of Alex's cousins.
  • Amber Economy - One of Alex's cousins.
  • Gordon Economy - A slightly more distant cousin.


  • His MBTI is INTP. His enneagram subtype is 5w4.